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Life is complicated. Kony 2012. by Angel

Life is complicated. We often expend energy trying to simplify it, only to discover more complications. There are many in world who are very sure of themselves, of their realities, of the way the world works and the way it should be. They make a lot of effort to convince you that your path is the wayward one.

I’ve been told that should you believe something to be right, then there is a moral obligation to tell others, let them know the errors of their ways… steer them towards what is correct. I don’t subscribe to this train of thought. Does that make me lazy? Uncaring? Unfeeling? Not invested in my fellow human beings or in mankind generally? Who knows?  There is a general tendency for people to mistake quietness for acquiescence and agreement. I do have my own thoughts, beliefs and viewpoints about the way life should be. But just because I’m not trying to convince you of that does not mean that I do not have conviction regarding my beliefs.

For any subject, there will always be opposing beliefs. Is it possible for us, the human race, to ever reach a point of mutual understanding? Take for instance a situation in which one person, say a minority, views a particular event as racist and another person, maybe a friend does not see that. Both might believe each other to be wrong in their viewpoints.  Can they ever reach a point of mutual understanding? Can the non-minority ever understand where the minority is coming from? Some would say no; it’s impossible. Can the minority ever understand the non-minority? It could also be the same answer.  Life is complicated.

Enter Kony 2012 and all the uproar (for better or worse) that has developed around it.

Here are three articles (one, two and three) that provide food for thought. I should tell you, the articles represent my leanings regarding the subject although I admit my ignorance in not fully understanding the events that led to Joseph Kony gaining the spotlight and what has happened in Uganda during the time he was there and after he had left.

Life is complicated.


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